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  1. Poetpaul
    After many years of wanting a van I have looked at the 'others' and last month decided to order T6 Highline which should arrive in July
  2. linzoid2781
    Nice pic! Scenery looks alot like where I live.
  3. CrazyComputerMan
    CrazyComputerMan linzoid2781
    As promised will send you Micra

  4. CrazyComputerMan
    CrazyComputerMan linzoid2781
    Hahaha! I never got bored of VW! Also with forum! Well as MOT is coming on this friday and my parent advice me to get it sold and getting a new car because my old car is 15 year old and usually fail at winter time. So i hope that my old car will be passed to garage to give a good servicing then hopefully it would be enable for sale and hopefully sold to loving owner or learning drivers.
  5. linzoid2781
    linzoid2781 CrazyComputerMan
    Like the new ride!!
    We also don't have those here.
    Why did you decide to sell your car...u just got it fixed!!
    Maybe a VW as a second really don't want to rely on one as your only transport anyway!!
    Glad to hear from you again..thought you got bored!
    Later- Linz
  6. CrazyComputerMan
    CrazyComputerMan linzoid2781
    Very sorry. Sometimes i can be extremely busy and i have been thinking of this forum. Guess what? I will selling my old car and getting a second hand car. Shame it's not Campervan but it's Peguot 107 Urban. And colour is yellow same as this photo.
  7. linzoid2781
  8. linzoid2781
    There are no bad days when you're driving your bus!!!!!!
  9. linzoid2781
    linzoid2781 beaky
    welcome to the site...
    what kind of camper do you have?
    Where are you located?
    not much going on in this forum...but with more members it seems to be getting better!
    hope to see some pix of your camper!!
  10. linzoid2781
    linzoid2781 davejjordan
    welcome to the site!