1965 Camper in SF Bay Area

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by jskelding, May 17, 2010.

  1. jskelding

    jskelding New Member

    My girlfriend and I are just in the process of buying a 1965 camper. It's a beautiful fully restored machine and we can't wait to take it out for the weekend.

    However, insuring this thing is proving to be a challenge. They want to limit us to 50 mile trips etc. Any advice, suggestions is truly appreciated.

  2. linzoid2781

    linzoid2781 Well-Known Member

    Hey- glad to see someone else is on here....I kept checking the forum, but no one is ever there.

    That really stinks about your insurance problems!! You cannot just insure it like any other car? I have Progressive on mine...no restrictions, but things are different in Missouri! The way mine is licensed...not even an inspection!!!!!

    Hope that you can figure something out so that you can drive it! They are sooooo much fun, had my 71 since 99. In the process of doing a restore now, having so much fun.

    Great to meet you-
  3. jskelding

    jskelding New Member

    It is quiet around here.

    The problem was the vehicle is considered vintage because of its age, so we could either just get liability only which was no problem, or get special to cover the value. Eventually we found someone who insure us and let us actually use the vehicle, which was the whole point of buying it.

    We get it next week, and are greatly looking forward to driving it around California and beyond.
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    Sorry Guys , the forum was made to be marketed a little better but unfortunately i havent had the time to get the place going as of yet.

    Ill be getting some banners made up and ill be throwing them around at BugJam next month so hopefully this place should get some publicity then.

    Of course if anyone would like to help manage the place and get the word out then give me a shout. Ultimately i will be very much a behind the scene's admin so ill be looking to get a good team of moderators together to make this place their home.

    A new design etc will be on the way too .
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    Lets get some pix up here:)
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    I know this welcome thread is old but hey....


    Welcome to new
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    Hope to see you around again!


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