'71 Westy from Missouri!!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by linzoid2781, May 6, 2010.

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    Hey guys, just stumbled upon your forum, and I thought I'd check it out. I love chatting with other V-dubbers!!! I have a '71 Westfalia, quickly becoming a "custom camper"
    I bought her back in '99...and it has been more broken than not since then. Last year I decided it was time to officially get her back on the road, so started with a complete engine rebuild to an 1835cc. It runs beautifully!
    Next step was to remove the camper top and I am installing a plexiglass window in the top. Hope it works out!
    Have been working on the interior...remade the seat into an awesome sofa with armrest compartments, there is also a fireplace and 27" flat screen TV which goes up and down behind the fireplace on a divider (using my skills from working @ a limo builder) But it is far from finished.
    The outside is very rough...aparently the last owner thought "body work" consisted of a ballpine hammer and 10 gallons of Bondo-ha ha
    Excited to see pics of all of your rides! I will post mine as soon as I get to my own computer.
    Not much going on on this forum.....lets change that!:)

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