Advice needed please



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Hi there New to the forum so Hello :)
I need some advice if you could please?
I have a VW Gatcombe and love her to bits and for longer trips I use a larger Vango air awning but I wanted to use a smaller porch awning for weekends
The current awning is drive away and brilliant but it is a low version and so I don't attach it to the "bus" as she is known, as it catches on the door; the Fiamma is attached above the door and it doesn't give enough clearance, so whilst it fits at a push, it is in danger of tearing when the door opens, so the awning is not usually attached to the bus
Bearing in mind the height, I would like a tall porch awning and wondered if anyone had any suggestions as to which would be a good buy?
Hope someone might be able to help, fingers crossed for a Summer Break and good luck to all,