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Hey Everyone,

I'm looking at purchasing a '99 VW Transporter T4 van done up as a camper to do some domestic travel here in Australia soon. I'm hoping someone can offer some guidance in regards to fair pricing and cost of potential repairs as I'm honestly clueless when it comes to cars! I've had the van recently inspected by a mechanic, here is a list of what he found:

-Drivers door latch operation is intermittently faulty.
-L/H park light out.
-Horn not working.
-Air bag system check light not present.
-Both L/H and R/H steering rack ends are worn.
-Exhaust leak from centre muffler weld join.
-High mount stop light wiring is not present.
Other faults noted.
-Throttle cable is sticky and starting to jam on.
-Cooling system is not reaching normal operating temperature, suspect thermostat
has been removed.
-Air con not working.
-Drive belt tension bearing is worn and noisy

He couldn't give a clear indication of what the repairs may cost and explained that issues such as the broken Air Bag check light and missing Thermostat may be intentional to mask bigger issues with the car. The sellers current asking price is $7990 (AUD),but has said he's willing to go as low as $6,500 considering these finds. Can anyone provide any insight into whether or not this is a good deal and how much repairs may end up costing?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!