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  1. Hi There, I love my 1985 T25 but today, we had to be recovered 150 miles because of a fault that cannot be found! It started as a possible fuel problem as the van will intermitently cut out and this can be when stationary or travelling at 60 mph (and anything in between). It can then be left for about 10 minutes then it will start again and will run perfectly until the next time it decides to cut out. It has been in the garage 3 times and had new filers, coil, plugs, leads, distributor cap, rotary arm, had the carb cleaned, had the fuses checked and it has a fairly new ignition system. It will also sometimes be very jerky when travelling and is prone to back firing. My mechanic is stumped and the breakdown guy was puzzeled, he decided that it could be an electrical fault that could be anywhere. I would be really grateful if someone could give me some ideas of what to try next please. Thank you!
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    my advice to all you T25 owners is to sell the water cooled V-dubs and buy a real aircooled bus-lol just kidding.
    Something electrical could be a valid guess....but there could be a fuel pump issue, or something in the gas tank also that is sucking to the pump and starving it for fuel (and possible backfiring)
    when you turn it off, the pump quits..un-sucks whatever was stuck to it, and allows it to start again. Just a guess....but remember, with these old vw's the most obvious problem may be the furthest thing from the real issue. They are an enigma!!! But they definetally keep the traditional mechanic guessing, and sometimes cause them to give up. Don't give up on your bus!!!!
    The gas tank/fuel pump would be my first guess, but it is always a good idea to have a full wiring schematic for your bus (you can download one). Spend a weekend tracing down all of your wiring and checking it out if you can't find the problem elsewhere. Keep me posted on your progress.
  3. Thank you very much for your reply. The bus is going back to the garage tomorrow and we are going to change the fuel pump to see if that helps. Our mechanic says that he has checked all the electrics but I will take your advice and download a wiring schematic so that he can check it all again. We will definitely let you know how we get on but it might not be for a week or so as we are leaving the bus with the mechanic until the problem is solved!!!!
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    definetally have him clean out the fuel tank while he's in there!!
    you must be very brave, or really trust your mechanic to just let them go through your bus!!!
    I couldn't do this....I need to be aware and involved in every thing that goes on with my bus.
    Good luck. linds
  5. He said that he was going to clean the fuel tank out as well as we have a tiny hole at the top which he is going to fix. We do really trust him, he is a friend of the family and an enthusiast himself. He has refurbed countless buses and beetles and knows them inside out.
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    awesome...hard to find these days.
    :) Linz
  7. linzoid2781

    linzoid2781 Well-Known Member it fixed?????
  8. Hey Linz, we are not fixed yet!!! a new fuel pump has been fitted but that has not solved the problem. The fuel tank was being taken off today to be checked and the airline will be flushed through. if that doesn't work, we have a new ignition electrics box (I can't remember the technical name! - its the little black box in the engine) on stand by as ours does have a little bit of erosion inside it. If it is not fixed after that then we are all a bit stuck!! A colleague at work thought that there could be a tiny hole in the fuel pipe that is causing air to be sucked through with the fuel but my mechanic said that he would be able to see a leak - any thoughts on that one? Anyway, thanks for asking and I will keep you posted.
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    maybe you couldn't see a leak (the new Fords that I work on won't run correctly if the gas cap is doesn't take much) but impossible to know without being there.
    I wish you the best of luck, so frusterating when you have to keep throwing money at a problem and it doesn't get fixed!!
    definetally keep me posted on your progress, I will help in any way that I can.
  10. Hi Linz,

    Got the bus back yesterday but still not right. After all he has done, our mechanic still can't find the problem. As the bus had been starting and not cutting out the last few days, we decided to bring him home for some running around. He drove home from the garage like a dream but when we went to start him an hour later, he wouldn't start!!! I have been busy today so haven't tried again but we will keep perservering. I cannot understand it as when he is running he runs great. It must be something so crazy to be causing all these problems. Anyway glad to have him home and will keep you posted when we have some more positive news.

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