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When you think of searching for a Campervan For Hire

Rentacampervan is based in Auckland City, New Zealand. It provides professional Hire A Campervan which provides a great value for money. We specialize in free & easy self-driven Campervan holidays. Our objective is to assist our customers in achieving their ideal holiday through efficient methods of holiday planning.

We are providing all kinds of Campervans and Motorhome like 2 + 1 BB Motorhome (PHZ) - Automatic, 6 Berth Motorhome (PHZ) - Automatic Brand New, Spirit 2 Shower/Toilet Ultima Maui Motorhome - Automatic, 4 Berth Shower and Toilet Motorhome (ALP),2 + 1 Premier Campervan (UNT) - Premium etc..

Our self-driven package is one of the most competitive in the market and we pay 100% attention to the safety of our vehicles. In this website, we will help you for Campervan Hire tailor the right package to your needs. Please pay attention to our weekly specials to get the best deals in town!! In all, we ensure that you will give no chance to holiday disappointments.

Our objective is to ensure our customers enjoy themselves to the fullest in New Zealand and we look forward to your repeat businesses as well as referrals. With this, you can rest your mind and enjoy your vacation with Cheap Campervan Hire New Zealand. Let us handle the hassles for you.

We have witnessed our potential customers telling us their disappointments with other travel handlers when they discovered that their travel package delivered is out of the specifications.

We have spent enormous efforts and man hours on the roads exploring the best of what this country has to offer. We will help you get beyond the highways and blend into New Zealand like a ‘Kiwi’. Click on the unique maps and guides easily which are easily downloaded from this website at no charge. Please send us an email if you need us to help you with any other queries on your Vacation Holidays Packages, New Zealand.

We also provide a great range of Hot Deals and Activities you can enjoy whilst touring New Zealand in your Campervan.