cant turn engine off with ignition key???



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Hi I'm new here, I have a 1965 Westfalia hatchtop, will post photo's later,

went out for a drive last night, when I turned the ignition off the motor continued to run,:( I had to stall the engine to shut it off, also having done this, the ignition light on the speedo remained on, and after a while the fuel pump started to run, thad to disconnect the pump from the coil to stop it, but still cant turn the ignition off, any help / advice would be greatfully recieved.:confused:

Cheers Martin


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hmmm.. I had a similar problem in my 71 Westy. Engine would not kill w/ the key. I resigned myself to pulling the wire off that is feeding the coil every time I stopped. That got old really quick! But it does work much better than stalling it out! Instead of spending alot of money on a new ignition switch (or wiring) I ran a wire from ignition wire on the coil, up to the cab..put in a heavy duty kill switch..then back into th coil. This works GREAT!! Just flip it back on to start the bus!! also serves a second purpose..the car cannot be started unless you know about the switch, makes it very hard to steal!
Try it first with a small scrap of wire and a switch to see if it'll work for you before running it all the way to the front.
Hope this helps get you going(or stopping-lol)


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Hey, Great idea, I ended up removing the wire on the coil myself last night, but will give the switch a try at the weekend.

Thanx very much

Willy the Wagon

You have probably sorted your problem by now but we had a situation with our 1985 T25 where the engine would turn off but the ignition would still be connected to the battery because the relay switch was stuck on. We changed the relay switch and the problem was solved.


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I had this same problem years ago, and ended up spending a near fortune on my van! Wish I had known about this method.