China Flow Sensor



Product description
The flow rate of the medium through the Micro Infrared Flow Switching is large or small, so the number of signals generated is nonlinear. Whether it is a volumetric or a velocity flowmeter, as long as the amount and speed of the flowing medium change, nonlinearity exists objectively. Nothing more than just size. The electronic part of the photoelectric flowmeter compensates the curve of different conditions of the medium, and the measurement algorithm changes with the change of flow rate and flow rate.
Maximum flow <1000ml
High flow accuracy and reliability and long operating time
Small in size, light in weight, self-as semblance from four directions and easy to install
Satisfying the requirements in Safety Standards
The sensor itself satisfies RoHS requirements
Insure no fast pulse flucuations of the fluid.
Insure no reverse surge pressure.
Insure no air in the entire circulation system.
Notice the mounting position of the flowmeter.
Min/max flow should be within the linear range of the flowmeter.
Avoid current impact.
Misconnection to the joint terminal will damage the flowmeter.
No mechanical stress on the joint terminal.
No fog accumulation on joint terminals.
Product details
Packing and delivery
1. After-sales Service
1 year warranty for all kinds of products;
If you find any defective accessories first time, we will give you the new parts for free to replace in the next order, as an experienced manufacturer, you can rest assured of the quality and after-sales service.
T/T, Western Union, Moneygram , Escrow.
3. Transportation
Transported by DHL, UPS, EMS, Fedex, Air freight. sea freight.
4. Do you support drop shipping?
Yes, your drop shipping is available.China Flow Sensor