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Construction Rotary Bullet Holder Tungsten Carbide Bit Pick drilling teeth
Bullet drill bit use high grade alloy steel and tungsten carbide tip and adopt advanced brazing technology to produce high quality, high wear resistance, long life cutters. We also can produce all kind of rotary bits, trenching bit and flat bit according to customers' requirements.
Usage: Coal cutting, Mining, Oil drilling, Well dig, Road Milling etc.
Applicable layers: dense sand, gravel and medium hard rocks, etc.
Advantages of 3050 drill bit
1. High durability due to wear-resistant tempered steel.
2. High grade tungsten carbide tip.
3. Excellent rotation and secure seating due to a clamping sleeve.
4. High degree if solder quality.
5. Extraction groove for easy tooth replacement.
14mm(0.55")shank cutting tools: BM76, BM69, CM61, CM63, CM65;
19mm(0.74")shank cutting tools: C21, C21HD, C23, BSK12, BSK17, BSK23, RL09, RL07, RL08,
25mm(1") shank cutting tools: U765XHD, U765HD, C31HD/U40KHD, C31/U40KH, C32/U40K,
U40HD, BTK114, BTK20, BTK121, BTK122, BTK01, BTK03, BTK06, BTK10, BTK12, BTK16,
BTK26, BTK62, BTK70
30mm(1.18"):BGS89, BGS88, BGS84, BGS90;
38/30mm(1.5"/1.8"):BKS169, BKS166, BKS151, BKS170, BKF15, BKF10,
TSCX series, TS series, TS19CX TS30CX, TS31CX, TS32CX; KSM42; U47GB, U47, U47HD, U
47 52, B47K19H, B47K17.5H,etc.
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