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Gongyuan DAF system has great performance in separating suspended solid, oil and grease from the waste water to clear the water. Our DAF adopts Gongyuan Technology with patent for Microbubble generators, and it generates large quantity of small microbubbles ranging from 10-20 um. The small microbubbles effectively float and separate solids, oil and grease from wastewater by using chemicals to coagulation and flocculation. DAF is the right solution for hotel, restaurant and industrial waste with liquid waste containing a lot of solids and fat.

1. Compact structure makes it less footprint;
2. Large quantities of microbubbles are tiny and stable;
3. Great performance by stable operation;
4. Easy to install, operate and maintain the system;
5. Easy to dehydrate the scum comes from the DAF system;
6. The effluent is clean with lower investment and quick effect;
7. Advanced proprietary technology, professional design, and low operating cost.
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