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Product Description
Coarse bubble diffuser is comprised by membrane support plate (ABS) and elongation and long service life of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer ( EPDM)
ABS Engineering Plastic is made from plastic injection molding, it has great corrosion resistance and high-impact performances.
The 12 pores on the membrane of coarse bubble diffuser is evenly distributed in a circle. The diameter of every pore is 3-5mm, DC board on the support plate can ensure the air which is uniformly distributed in the surrounding, in the meantime the membrane has a return function, can prevent sewage seeping into the pipeline system.
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Technical Parameters
1.Ideal for air-on/air-off applications such as SBRs, aerobic digesters, and anoxic swing zones, as well as continuous operation.
2.Higher sustained efficiencies verified through 3rd party testing.
3.Advanced membrane perforation technique creates extremely fine, uniform bubble pattern for optimal oxygen transfer.
4.Low maintenance and long service life of more than 5 years.
5.Using imported raw material.
Component Display
• Biological treatment
• Active Sludge treatment
• Aquaculture treatment
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