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I am new, another VW 1989 owner; inherited and love it. But, when I was searchingthe Internet for "a luxury camper van" I have seen a very unique camper van and tried to save the site at my favorites which didn't work. Since over a week I am spending 3-4 hours a day to locate it and getting quite frustrated; can anyone help me, please?

It looked dark grey in colour, was futuristic in design, with very unusual ceiling - looked open with sky lights. I know this is not at all enough information therefore perhaps its name will be, which I don't remember exactly yet it is something like "Schaefen" Yes, I used many variation of this name but couldn't find it. Although it 'looks' like a German name, and had the text below it in German, it might not be German made.

Many thanks in advance.
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Hello there
Welcome to the forum. Im not sure about the campervan name but i only know T1 T2 T3 T4 & T5 and it seems me that T1 and T2 are luxury.

Do you want normal campervan or VW Campervan?