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Blast Portable AC Comes at a very good price: $89.99 for 1 unit, $179.98 for 2, $202.48 for 3, and $247.47 for a package of 4 Blast Portable AC devices It gets filled up through the top and doesn’t need any wiring Can be returned without any hassle 3in1: air conditioning, purifier and humidifier Blast Portable AC Cons This wouldnt be a factual consumer review about Blast Portable AC unit if there were no cons. However, customers interested in purchasing the standalone Blaux Portable Air Conditioner Plus device should know out of all the possible worries, complaints and scams, these are the only ones to muster up enough to cause a stink. Can be bought only online expect minor shipping delays due to COVID-19 and extreme demand Limited stock What Makes the Blast Portable AC So Special?