My bus has no power



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Just getting my bus ready for MOT after 5 years and thought I'd give her a run around the yard. She starts and ticks over but when I go to pull away she has no power. Also if I put my foot hard on the throttle then there is no pick up and the motor just stalls. Even if i get her reving and try to slip the clutch the same happens.
please help


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Hi Sisbigpants,

A few things you want to have a look at here, the main causes of power loss would be Carb, whens the last time you had it out for a clean? Also check the compression in the cylinders, I know its a pain trying to get the gauge in, but this will rule out any piston/ring trouble. I have see a few holed pistons, which will give signs of loss of power.

Fuel pump might be worth having a look at aswell. when you take carb off you will see if you have plenty of fuel getting in.

good luck