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Hi Guys & Girls
In the darkest of days in January I began to think of a business to start, a business that would ignite my passion for travel and camping together with allowing me to use my talents for design, ideas and web design.
I came up with CamperCars ( a camping box which is very popular in Europe together with a hobby that is practiced widely in the United States but it is something that I have never seen in the UK.
The box is the best of both with a storage box which converts into a kitchen for cooking together with a sink section and there is also a bed for sleeping / relaxing area.
I wanted to make a single product that would fit into a wide range of vehicles from Hatchbacks to SUV to also allowing those with Vans for work to be able to clear out the work equipment and use it as a camper at the weekend.
If you have a moment of your time I would love to hear your feedback wither positive or constructive. Any questions I shall try to answer to the best of my ability.
Please be gentle this business has only started less than 2 months ago so fine tuning the product is required, but we are aiming to get a product ready for the beginning of April.
There are videos on YouTube Channel
And lots of photos on our
Many thanks
Jordan Boon