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Hi, my name is Phil and I have been a T2 nut all my life, however, I only just realised my dream to own a van 4 years ago. I have a 1977 2.0L Devon called Stanley and have now had 3 wonderful years of camping use out of him.


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Hi! I am also new here.
I am looking for a nice van for a reasonable price. I registered to get info about the details and experiences.
I am a funny biker and hiker, who thinks it is always a good start to tell a joke, so, here it is (source ):

Lulu and Barb were taking a vacation in Lulu's new green campervan. As usual, they had become lost and were circling around a weird town trying to find the highway. Lulu was just about going under a bridge when she slammed on the brakes.
'What the hell is that?' asked Barb.
'There is a sign, saying: "Low Bridge - No Vehicles Over Eleven Feet High" and my new green campervan is twelve feet!'
'Oh my God Lulu, just step on that gas pedal! There are no cops around!'