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Hello to any one who's interested, just found this site so thought i would have a go.heres a wee bit about myself.
I live in the scottish borders, 34 years old, self employed ag engineer.
Love camping (tent) with motorcycle but have now decided to sell.
Bought a 79 baywindow devon last year in need of a few bits done but as usual it needed a lot more. Last owner thought fiber glass was a good substitute for metal (inner arches,outriggers,front valance etc),some patches which were welded would pull off with hand. A lot of grinding,cutting and welding later and it's slowly getting there.New inner and outer sills, new outriggers, basicly anything looking dodgy is getting replaced. Hopefully this year it will get an mot so i can get back to camping.


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hey bud , welcome to the forum as you can see the forum is spanking new so it will be a little quite around here for a little while however people are starting to sign up so stick around :)


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I know this welcome thread is old but hey....

Welcome to new
VWCamper Forum

Hope to see you around again!

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