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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by christrobin2010, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. christrobin2010

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    hi everyone, i am looking to buy a camper and always loved the vw, found one its a 1973 t2 bay window 1700cc petrol. on the description its says that there is a slight oil leak coming from the push rods on the engine but nothing to say if its a easy thing to fix or a serious matter, wanted to get some advise from people in the know and not get ripped off. any help with this matter would be great.
  2. oadamo

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    use it to get a good price and expect the worst then you dont feel like you have been ripped off lol. it all depends on the price and if your willing to do the work your self.
  3. linzoid2781

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    if it is coming from around the tubes...no biggie (maybe)
    but nothing on these things is too hard or expensive to fix! if there is a hole or crack in the rod tube you can get a replacement that doesn't involve removing the head..I don't recomend for extended use, but might get you through till the next rebuild!
    Even if you do have to pull the head...if the price is right...buy it (you won't regret it!!)

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