OXS Light on Dashboard

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Roxy, May 29, 2010.

  1. Roxy

    Roxy New Member

    Hello Everybody,

    I've just bought my first Campervan :)- a '79 Bay from California originally. She was exported to Netherlands then bought by previous owner 6 years ago from a dealer in the UK. There seems to be some probs with the wiring:( which I'm about to sort out but I notice that under the speedo there's a light showing as OXS which is always on when ignition is on:rolleyes:. Can someone please tell me what this light is? I can find no reference to it in the Haynes manual!!

    I will be posting pictures later and getting involved in discussions as I have much to learn!!

    Many thanks
  2. Roxy

    Roxy New Member

    Problem solved - quite easy really, but then everything is, once you know! Seems that this light is linked with the EGR system and that there is a re-set switch behind the driver's kick panel. Just thought I'd let people know in case they were interested!!

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