petrol in oil



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hi all
i have a 1973 t2 camper 1600 air cooler engine. i drove for about 10 miles on sunday as i got home i went to back camper in my driveway and it cut out but it didnt but as i drove down the drive it did and it wouldnt start again like it was flooded.
next day i took plugs out clean them up and put them back it and tried to start vehicle. it did start but ran terrible so i turned it off. the engine smoked really bad and it put petrol all over driveway. i checked sump and oil is too much and it smell off petrol.
is engine knacked ? ive turn carb off and im going to get it looked at.
also when i tooked carb off petrol was leaking from pump and woundnt stop the only way it did was i put a screw in pipe and tighted a hose clip on it is this normal ?
any help please