Recommendations for quiet fan heater


Andy Moss

New Member
Hi All,
Recently got a T6 camper and looking for recommendations for a quiet electric fan heater for use when we are on electric hookup. Prefably something relatively cheap as its for occasional usage.
Obiously as small as can be to maximise space, and quiet so it doesn't keep you awake at night and ideally with a thermostat so it switches itself off if it gets too hot.

We specifically want a fan heater so that it heats up quicky rather than an oil filled radiator which takes a while to get going...

I've discounted the very cheap £10 fans off amazon as our previous one sounded like an airplane taking off.

This one seems to tick quite a few boxes with a number of people saying it is quiet quiet:

Also Kampa do one which is of interest but it doesn't have a thermal cut off which I find surprising:

Any other suggestions folks?