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Discussion in 'Camper Banter' started by comrade hop, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. comrade hop

    comrade hop New Member

    hey everyone, has anyone removed a body shell for restoration? how much of a job is it and is it worth the effort? got a 69 and 73 to restore and am thinking it easier to remove the shells to weld chassis and body shells. any advice be appreciated.
    cheers comrades
  2. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Hey bud , sorry the forum is spanking new so there isnt many people around at the moment , welcome aboard though and i hope you can stick around until we get things going :)
  3. comrade hop

    comrade hop New Member

    lol thought it was me, bit of a techno phobe hence old vw's and mocycles, k cheers mate will hang around
  4. vove110

    vove110 New Member

    Hi comrade, I don't know whats it like removing body shell off a bus but would imagine you would need plenty of space . Have you thought of a car roller, seen one used on a camper once and looked perfect, just bolted to wheel hubs on one side, fuel removed along with battery etc then over it goes excellent for welding but will depend on how much welding is needed to be done. Still can't beet hot weld rooling down sleave into your arm pit when lying under camper. lol

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