t25 running problems please help.

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by hobson, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. hobson

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    hi everyone i am new to the vw scene and bought a t25 camper 1983 water cooled. was fine for about 5 miles then broke down. as she is now she will start up with automatic choke working fine, will set off as normal and work through the gears fine pulling in every gear, i can drive for about 10 minutes then she dies, and the engine block is red hot, i can then leave it for 10 minutes try again and starts up fine pulls away fine then 10 minutes later same again, i thought overheating but the water in the pipes is hot but not enough to overheat, has anyone got any ideas, please, its vw action this weekend if i dont get it sorted i will have to set off now with about 100 rest stops, any ideas appreciated.......
  2. linzoid2781

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    If your block is super hot and your water is not....the water is not circulating, change your thermostat or/and your water pump. Try thermostat first, it is cheaper. Do NOT drive it like this if you like your bus...it will not last long!!!!!Linds
  3. linzoid2781

    linzoid2781 Well-Known Member

    I can't tell you enough...DO NOT DRIVE IT!!!!!
    I hope you have not already warped or cracked something...could get very expensive very fast!!!
  4. linzoid2781

    linzoid2781 Well-Known Member

    do you still have a bus? fixed or fried?

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