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Magnifying Craft Lamp Introduction
Ultra bright magnifying lamp for reading, work or hobbies.
Reading and craft: This lamp comes equipped with a genuine 3 diopter glass magnifying lens.
Paired with the bright light of the LED's, it will magnify objects 1.75x or 175% bigger then their original size. It is suitable for metal processing, hand embroidery, reading and other activities!
608L Magnifying Lamp
鈼?4鈥?(Dia. 100mm) Glass Lens
鈼?3 Diopter OR 5 Diopter
鈼?DC 12V, Class III
Item No.Light SourceWattageLumen outputLuminous Flux* @15cm
608L18LED/ SMD6.5W300 Lumen4500 lux
* Luminous flux tested with 100lux ambient and 15cm height (Reference only)
鈼?The flexible gooseneck allows you to point the glass and light where you want, and then frees your hands.
鈼?Electronic energy-saving shadowless lamp, light stable and reliable, no flicker, non-destructive vision.
鈼?Electronic start-up circuit, power saved and brightness appropriate.
鈼?High-strength plastic and dust cover, durable, dust-proof.
鈼?Light-weight and Portable, be used as normal lamp either.Table Magnifier Lamp manufacturers